Baggage Claim“, our first feature film, is currently in post production! This dark comedy road trip written and directed by Nikki Neurohr involves two estranged siblings, Ben and Abby, venturing together to their hometown to identify their equally out-of-the-picture mother’s body. A lot has changed in four – no three – years, and there are reasons why neither sibling is happy to be hostage to the other – but along their journey they come face-to-face with each others qualms with the other, themselves, and their childhood, but not without the help of some old friends, new connections, and of course – claiming their own baggage.

Baggage Claim is starring Nikki Neurohr, James McDonald, Jenny Strassburg, Lily Jane, Emree Franklin, Tyler Hollinger, Gabe DeRose, Andrew Miles, Ethan Monaghan, Michael McIntire, Jim Froehlich, and Greg Kretzer.

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